Ford PJ/PK Ranger Tough Dog Suspension Install

This week our workshop installed another premium-quality Tough Dog suspension kit to this PK Ford Ranger. 

What a transformation the vehicle was to drive with the new Tough Dog gear fitted. Not only does the vehicle look great, but drives comfortable with excellent control.

Package includes:

Front 41mm Bore Foam Cell Shocks
Front Shock Mount Strengthening Kit
Front HD Torsion Bars
Rear Constant 300kg Leaf Springs
Rear 35mm bore Nitro Gas Shocks
Rear Ubolts
Rear Greasable Shackles

Tough Dog Suspension Ford PJ PK Ranger

Ford PJ PK Ranger Shocks Strengthening Kit

Ford PJ PK Ranger Tough Dog Foam Cell Shocks

Tough Dog Nitro Gas Shocks And Greasable Shackles Ford PK Ranger

Ford PJ PK Ranger Tough Dog HD Torsion Bars

You can build yours online here.

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