Tough Dog Shock Absorbers

As one of the most important components in the suspension system, shock absorbers are designed to cushion the impact of bumps and harsh irregularities in challenging terrain.

Manufactured using the highest quality materials, Tough Dog shock absorbers work in conjunction with other suspension components, such as springs and bars. The shock absorbers work with springs to dampen some shock from each bump from being transmitted to the vehicle's body, in turn providing a smoother and more balanced driving experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering purchasing Tough Dog shock absorbers from us, it’s possible you may have some questions about them. Explore our frequently asked questions below or contact our team for more information.

How do Tough Dog shocks work?

What kind of shock absorbers do I need?

Are Tough Dog shock absorbers adjustable?

How often should I replace shock absorbers?

Can I still drive with worn-out shock absorbers?