Tough Dog Torsion Bars

Torsion bars are an important part of a vehicle's suspension system as they provide reliable and durable support for drivers. As reputable Tough Dog suppliers, we stock a wide range of Tough Dog torsion bars suitable for various makes and models. Browse our selection and order yours today.

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Quality Torsion Bars You Can Rely On

The Tough Dog Performance 4WD Torsion Bars boast a spring rate that is around 30% higher than that of OEM bars. This significant increase in spring rate is the perfect solution to prevent hard bottoming out during off-road trips and to enhance the vehicle's handling in the city.

Whether you choose to install them with a moderate pre-load to raise your vehicle for better off-road clearance or refresh the handling characteristics at the standard height, our Tough Dog torsion bars are a performance-proven and easy-to-install upgrade. Plus, they are particularly useful when you have oversize tires or frontal accessories.

It’s worth noting, though, it's crucial to maintain a minimum 60mm of suspension droop (down travel) regardless of the torsion bar or accessories used.