Ford PXII Ranger Tough Dog Suspension Install

We fitted this Ford PXII Ranger with the Tough Dog Suspension Kit.

The suspension kit lifts approximately 40-50mm over standard using the 40mm bore ride adjustable shocks and struts.

Each shock has a small knob at the base which you can turn with your fingers to alter how firm or soft you want the shocks to respond. 

There is an 800% difference between position 1 & 9!

Package Includes:

Front 9 Position Adjustable Struts
Front Comfort/Medium Coils
Rear 0-300kg Load Springs
Rear Spring Ubolts
Rear Spring Bush Kit 
Rear Greasable Shackles
Rear Centre Bearing Spacers
Rear 9 Position Adjustable shocks

Ford PX Ranger TOugh Dog Suspension

Ford PX Ranger Tough Dog Suspension

Ford PX Ranger Adjustable Tough Dog Struts

Ford PX Ranger Tough Dog Adjustable Shocks

Ford PX Ranger Tough Dog Greasable Shackles

Tough Dog PX Ranger Centre Bearing Spacers

You can build yours online here.

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