Suspension/Lift Kit Ford Ranger PX/PXII

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Tough Dog Suspension/Lift Kit Ford PX/PXII Ranger

Tough Dog is Australia's leading suspension system. You won't find Tough Dog suspension on Commodores, Falcons or Corollas. The Tough Dog team's expertise is in 4WD suspension applications and that's why no other suspension system can match their design, durability and performance.

The suspension kit will lift your PX & PXII Ranger (2011 - 8/2018) approximately 40mm and includes:

- Front Tough Dog Struts
- Front Tough Dog raised coils (in either 0-60kg load or constant 60-100kg load rating)
- Rear Tough Dog leaf springs (optional upgrade to constant 300kg or 500kg load rating)
- Rear Tough Dog Shocks
- Rear spring ubolt kit
- Rear spring bush kit
- Rear centre bearing spacers

During checkout you can select your desired shock combination. Front struts are available in foam cell or ride-adjustable, and rear shocks are available in nitro gas for light loads, foam cell or adjustable.

You can also select to have the front struts pre-assembled with a new strut top. This ensures all the original plates are replaced and allows faster installation without the need for a strut compressor.

When select spring rates please take into account any accessories fitting such as bull bars, draws, tray design etc.

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