2 Degree Caster Bushes 79 Series (Single Cab) LandCruiser

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2 Degree Caster Correction Bushes

Caster is important for vehicle steering response and stability.

When a vehicle is lifted, the caster angle is adversely affected because of the change in the angles of the front radius arms.

Tough Dog 2 degree urethane caster correction bushes help correct the position of the front radius arm to the diff.

Suitable for LandCruisers lifted 2"/50mm over standard.

Sold as a set of four bushes including installation template.

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Tough Dog Suspension product is covered for 4 years in recreational use and for 3 years for commercial use.

Now you'll have even more peace of mind that Tough Dog Suspension will get you out, making tracks, and more importantly, get you home again!