Front Adjustable Assembled Struts Mazda BT50 2020+ (Pair)

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Tough Dog Quick Fit Adjustable Front Struts to suit Mazda BT50 2020+

A complete pre-assembled all in one fitment system which results in easier, safer and faster fitting.

These newly designed units include your choice of coil, upper spring seat, bearing plate, bushes and mounting hardware. This ensures that all related serviceable or worn parts are replaced for hassle-free fitment and long term performance.

The 40mm adjustable shock brings the ability to fine tune your ride control to just about every 4WD user. The shock offers 9 different stages of adjustment, to fine tune the ride characteristics to your personal preference and application.

In reality, very few vehicles serve only one purpose. Most 4WD’s today are the family car, off road toy, touring escape, towing rig or tradesman’s work platform all rolled into one. We demand so much of our vehicles, and every situation will need something just a little bit different.

The fast fit Tough Dog units do not require compression of the springs for installation but are a simple bolt on application and provide approximately 40mm of lift.

Available in Comfort Load/Medium Load or Constant Load (suit bar/winch) coil ratings. 

Suitable for the front of all Mazda BT50 4x4 models from 8/2020 onwards

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