Rear Coil Springs Jeep ZG/ZJ Grand Cherokee (Pair)

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Rear Coil Springs Jeep ZJ/ZG Grand Cherokee (Pair)

A Jeep Grand Cherokee fitted with Tough Dog coils will enjoy the benefits of better clearance and still have good stability and control in on or off-road conditions.

Tough Dog coils when correctly applied last for years and years. Plus, their unique long-travel design means a better ride, and off-road wheel travel.

Tough Dog coils are not available for Commodores, Falcons or Pulsars. The Tough Dog team's expertise is in 4WD suspension applications. And that is why no other coil spring brand can match the 'intelligent design' of the huge range of coils.

Sold as a pair these coils will raise the rear approximately 30mm and suit all Jeep ZG/ZG Grand Cherokee models 1996 - 1999. Springs are available in a comfort/medium rating only. 

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