Rear Ralph 53mm Bore Shocks 79 Series (Single Cab) LandCruiser

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Rear Tough Dog 53mm Bore Ralph shocks absorbers to suit Toyota 79 Series LandCruiser (Pair)

The corrugation eater! With its humongous 53mm bore, 70mm body, and 22mm shaft, these Ralph shocks are ideal for heavily laden vehicles that like their outback touring. These big dogs carry so much oil, they will run cool over even the toughest of terrain.

If you drive a fully laden off road tourer, these are the shocks for you. If you're tired of "going through shocks" get some Ralphs! They provide the ride, control and handling that you need, and they really last!

Shock features:

- Huge 53mm bore
- Twin tube design
- High temperature, all weather oil
- 22mm double chrome-plated rod
- Additional welding on all studs & eye rings
- Multi stage Velocity Sensitive Valving
- Rod wiper seal and multi lip seal
- Hydraulic rebound stop

Suitable for the rear of all 79 Series LandCruiser single or dual cab, 6 cylinder or V8, from standard height to 2"/50mm raised suspension.

Sold as a pair.

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