Suspension/Lift Kit Jeep TJ Wrangler

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Jeep TJ Wrangler Suspension/Lift Kit

Tough Dog is Australia's leading suspension system. You won't find Tough Dog suspension on Commodores, Falcons or Corollas. The Tough Dog team's expertise is in 4WD suspension applications and that's why no other suspension system can match their design, durability and performance.

The suspension kit will lift your Jeep TJ Wrangler 1996 - 2006 approximately 40mm and includes:

- Your choice of shocks from either nitro gas or adjustable shocks
- Front raised coils 
- Rear raised coils 
- Transmission spacer kit to avoid driveline vibration

There is also the option of a return to centre (RTC) or adjustable steering damper.

Springs are only sold in a comfort/medium load rate.

Kit prices start at $1198 so order now and receive FREE Australia-wide delivery.

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