Tough Dog Upper Control Arms

Tough Dog Upper Control Arms (UCAs) are designed to improve vehicle performance and handling in challenging terrain.

These control arms are built tough with high-quality materials, ensuring they are capable of withstanding the most extreme off-road conditions. Assembled with high-quality polyurethane bushes that provide superior strength and durability, Tough Dog UCAs maintain optimal suspension alignment. Plus, they’re adjustable and easy to customise, making them suitable for a range of vehicle models and suspension setups. Order yours from Tough Dog Dealer today!

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Toughen Your 4WD With UCAs by Tough Dog

If you modify the suspension on an IFS vehicle with a lift kit or other aftermarket parts, it can cause changes to the camber and caster angles. Installing a suspension lift can push these angles outside of their acceptable range, causing the loss of caster and introducing positive camber. This can lead to vague steering and uneven and accelerated tyre wear. Tough Dog UCAs help correct these issues, though, improving ground clearance and providing an enhanced ride and handling experience for off-road enthusiasts.

Additionally, Tough Dog UCAs are built to last, with high-strength chromoly ball joints, heavy-duty, high-flex bushings, and 1020-grade forged housings. The tube design of the arms provides increased clearance, and the UCAs can provide up to +3.5 degrees of positive caster (lift height dependent) to customise your alignment to your specific needs.

If you’re into off-roading, it should be no surprise that navigating tough terrain can put extreme stress on your suspension system. Tough Dog UCAs are engineered to restore your vehicle's suspension and steering geometry to standard after it has been lifted. This ensures that your 4WD's handling is top-notch both on and off-road.

Additionally, Tough Dog upper control arms protect your suspension’s alignment, guarding it against clearance problems between the strut and the upper control arm on down travel. Four-wheel drive with peace of mind and invest in Tough Dog upper control arms today.