Radius Arm to Chassis Bush Kit Nissan Patrol GQ/GU Coil Cab (Ute)

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Nissan GQ/Y60 Patrol Front Radius Arm to Chassis Bush Kit

Many urethane suspension bush products marketed over the years have not lived up to the advertised claims.   Negative consequences have included "squeaking", ride-harshness, and a relatively short life-span.

The urethane that is specifically blended for the Tough Dog product has mechanical properties that make is extremely successful in its application. The properties of extreme resistance to abrasion, low compression set, high tear strength and a resistance to oils and solvents make it ideal for automotive applications. 

This bush kit will replace all four bushes where your front radius arms meet your chassis.

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*picture for illustration. Bushes are blue or black depending on manufacture at the time.